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Quality dental work starts with the use of a microscope and ends with attention to detail. With the aid of power magnification, Dr. Wright is able to spot bacteria sooner. This means he is often able to catch problems sooner, fixing them while they are minor problems. This also means that Dr. Wright is able to get rid of more decay, and provide a better fit to major dental work, ensuring that your treatment will last longer… saving you time and money in the future!

Micro dentistry in relation to fillings: Dr. Wright finds and repairs cracks in teeth on about 90% of all fillings being repaired. Untreated, these cracks become larger, eventually breaking the tooth and making a crown necessary. With micro dentistry, crown prevention is a possibility!

Micro-dentistry in relation to crowns: It’s never to late to practice preventative care! Even if you require a crown, micro dentistry can ensure it’s longevity. Often we find cracks that extend beyond the edge of a crown allowing bacteria to get under it. Micro-dentistry discovers these cracks and dictates how to proceed. When these cracks are found, the crowns are extended down far enough to seal them, ensuring proper longevity of the crown.

Micro-dentistry in relation to sealants: 50% of all sealants fail in one year. 80% fail in 5 years. The attention to detail afforded by the microscope in combination with air abrasion (a miniature sandblaster- see our ‘technology’ page for more information), is giving Dr. Wright a near 100% success rate at the 5 year mark. The difference is significant!

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