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I Want...

I Want My Smile To Be Done The WRIGHT Way

Great dentistry is a process. A smile done the ‘wright’ way is a process that has been developed over a thirty year period of clinical experience and continued education by Dr. Richard Wright. The procedures used to obtain the ‘wright’ smile are heavily dictated by the use of the microscope, allowing Dr. Wright to find problems much earlier than if they were just being viewed by the naked human eye. Microscope implementation allows Dr. Wright to focus on preventative care, rather than restorative care. Dr. Wright is extremely detail oriented, which means that at the end of the smile creation process, not only will your smile look amazing, but it will have been …

I Want To Take My Family To The Same Provider

If you want comprehensive dental care, you want to visit Dr. Wright! He and his staff offer friendly and compassionate dental care for every age group and every member of your family. Dr. Wright is great with kids, the elderly and everyone in between. He also provides the greatest range of dental procedures in Quincy and surrounding areas, meaning that you won’t have to run around to different offices anymore! Dr. Wright and his staff are always available to answer questions, or call to set up free consultations. We’ll tailor the perfect treatment plan to each family member’s unique needs!

I Want Someone I Can Trust

Integrity is a cornerstone in Dr. Wright’s practice. We develop lasting relationships with our patients built on trust, compassion and quality. We treat you like a person, not a number. You will always be attended to with great attention to detail, receiving a consistent, premium level of treatment each time you visit. We will never perform a procedure you do not need or charge you unfairly for your work. Dr. Wright will explain all treatment options, expenses and expectations prior to treatment. We want you to have faith in our practice, our operations and the quality of work we provide you with!

I Want Quality

Quality dental work starts with the use of a microscope and ends with attention to detail. With the aid of power magnification, Dr. Wright is able to spot bacteria sooner. This means he is often able to catch problems sooner, fixing them while they are minor problems. This also means that Dr. Wright is able to get rid of more decay, and provide a better fit to major dental work, ensuring that your treatment will last longer… saving you time and money in the future!

Micro dentistry in relation to fillings: Dr. Wright finds and repairs cracks in teeth on about 90% of all fillings being repaired. Untreated, these cracks become larger, eventually breaking the tooth and making a crown necessary. With micro dentistry, crown prevention is a possibility!

Micro-dentistry in relation to crowns: It’s never to late to practice preventative care! Even if you require a crown, micro dentistry can ensure it’s longevity. Often we find cracks that extend beyond the edge of a crown allowing bacteria to get under it. Micro-dentistry discovers these cracks and dictates how to proceed. When these cracks are found, the crowns are extended down far enough to seal them, ensuring proper longevity of the crown.

Micro-dentistry in relation to sealants: 50% of all sealants fail in one year. 80% fail in 5 years. The attention to detail afforded by the microscope in combination with air abrasion (a miniature sandblaster- see our ‘technology’ page for more information), is giving Dr. Wright a near 100% success rate at the 5 year mark. The difference is significant!

I Want To Save My Teeth/Prevent Decay

Saving your teeth starts with preventative measures and good oral hygiene. At any age, regular check-ups and cleanings are the first steps to saving your teeth. When you visit regularly, we are able to monitor your smile and catch problems early. Combined with the use of microscopes, Dr. Wright is dedicated to stopping problems before they become traumatic. There are many ways to save your teeth! Let Dr. Wright help!

Some of the diagnostic and preventative services Dr. Wright provides include: sealants, fluorite treatment, regular prophylaxis, full mouth debridement (professional cleaning) and… for more information, please visit our ‘Services’ page, or call Dr. Wright’s office to schedule a free consultation

I Want To Quit Grinding My Teeth

Grinding your teeth can result in severe headache, muscle and facial pain in addition to great distress caused to the tooth structure. If this is something you experience, Dr. Wright can help!

I Want To Fix My Headaches

While physical therapists and chiropractors are often employed for face pain, headaches can be fixed through a number of dental techniques.

I Want Someone With Expertise

If you want a dentist with expertise, you need to visit Dr. Richard Wright. He has been practicing general dentistry since 1982. He has over 30 years of experience, thousands of hours of clinical work, hundreds of hours of continuing education and he stays abreast with the latest in dental technology. Dr. Wright has studied under and worked with some of the leading innovators in the dental field and lectures on the importance of microdentistry and Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID). He has been a pioneer in the field of dentistry and continues to be the foremost provider of dental care in the area. For more information on Dr. Wright, please visit the ‘About the doctor’ page or set up a free consultation to meet him.

I Want My Dental Work To Be Affordable

Dr. Wright has many ways to make your dental care affordable. Dentistry is not expensive, however, replacing inappropriate dental work is! With an emphasis on oral hygiene and prevention, our techniques are designed to save you time, money (and your teeth!) in the long run. Quality care proves the greatest value in dental care! The best way to determine what works for you is to stop in for a free consultation.

  • Dr. Wright wants you to acquire the smile you deserve! Here are a few things that will help…
  • Dr. Wright will apply a 10% discount for all patients who pay with cash the day of the appointment
  • Dr. Wright will apply a 5% discount for all patients who pay with credit card the day of the appointment
  • Dr. Wright provides patients with financing options. Please call to inquire.
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  • For a limited time, refer a friend and save!

I Want My Dental Work To Last

Dr. Wright believes that the best value in dental care is providing patients with quality work that is designed to last longer than traditional dental care. Dr. Wright is able to obtain this through the use of microscopes. He is among 2-4% of dentists in the United States who utilize microscope technology during treatment to more effectively spot, treat and prevent problems.

In addition to using magnification, lasting dental work involves several things including: -controlling excessing grinding of teeth.

  • the proper selection of materials
  • placing these materials with a high degree of precision
  • computer analysis of your bite to make sure your bite does not destroy new or existing dental work

Ultimately, Dr. Wright’s decades of clinical experience, hours of additional training and attention to detail will help you preserve your teeth and your work.

I Want My Teeth To Be Straight

When you think straight teeth, most people think braces. However, Dr. Wright provides patients with many options for straightening teeth. Cosmetic reshaping, bonding, and veneers can also be options to create a great smile.
Some orthodontic options include Invisalign, braces, retainers or the Nite-Guide by Ortho-Tain. For more information on these treatments, please view our ‘Services’ page.


I Want A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is more than a straight, white smile. It is a smile that radiates confidence and comfort… and we can help! There are many ways to achieve this. Processes range from orthodontics, including braces and Invisalign for straight teeth to at home or in office whitening procedures. You can find more information on these on our ‘services’ page.

When you choose Dr. Wright to create your beautiful smile, we guarantee that he will complete the job with the highest level of detail and attention. This means that…

I Want A Great Smile

If you want a great smile, then you need a Dr. Wright smile: one that is beautiful, durable and functional. Dr. Wright considers all the details that contribute to such a creation and provides a broad range of services that promote oral health with aesthetically pleasing results! Take a look around our site for more information. When you’re ready, call for your complimentary consultation with Dr. Wright.

I Want A Healthy Smile

Healthy smiles start with preventative care! There are many simple steps Dr. Wright can help you take to keep your teeth for life. With the use of microscopes, Dr. Wright is able to detect problems before they become detrimental to your oral health. Its never too late to start your preventative dental plan!

I Want The Pain To Go Away

Pain is caused by many problems ranging from tooth decay to TMJ issues. Dr. Wright performs a comprehensive range of procedures that can alleviate your pain.

I Want My Teeth To Be White

Whitening your smile can make an immediate impact on your overall appearance. It will give you a new confidence and keep you looking young! Dr. Wright offers two ways to achieve a whiter smile.

  1. In-office
  2. At home

Please visit our ‘Services’ page for more information on each of these methods. Come in for a free consultation and decide which process will work best for you.

I Want To Be Comfortable

We want you to be comfortable when you are in our office AND when you leave! Our friendly staff will ensure that you are at ease from the moment you walk through our doors. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs!

While you are in the office, listen to music, relax on our massage pads or fall asleep while your dental work is being completed!

Additionally, new high-tech anesthetics provide a high degree of comfort:

  • Dr. Wright is the only general dentist in the area licensed for in-office conscious IV sedation.
  • When necessary, he employs Nitrous Oxide (or laughing gas) to help patients relax.
  • Topical or gel anesthetics are always used prior to giving local anesthetics.

Dr. Wright’s patients often comment that they do not feel the placement of anesthetics and now with new medications, it is possible to reverse that ‘numb’ feeling!

Once you leave our office, we want you to continue to be comfortable! This can be obtained in many ways:

  • We want you to address all of your concerns before you leave the office
  • We need you to be a part of your treatment! It is important for you to understand the treatment plan that you and Dr. Wright have decided upon. Understanding the process will help alleviate anxiety and provide you with reasonable expectations.
  • We are accessible! If you have a problem or are experiencing discomfort, we want to hear from you! You are our top priority. Call the office first to determine the proper course of action. We will always get you in the same day. If you call on a day when our office is not open, there are instructions on the answering machine on how to reach Dr. Wright directly. Once you speak with him, you can mutually agree on a time to meet.
  • Dr. Wright provides emergency care, so you won’t have to worry when you’re in need!
  • Comfortable smiles means that your dental work has been done properly and with great attention to detail. Dr. Wright strives for perfection, meaning that you have a higher chance of obtaining the most comfortable smile possible!