Patient Comfort


We want you to be comfortable when you are in our office AND when you leave! Our friendly staff will ensure that you are at ease from the moment you walk through our doors. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs!

While you are in the office, listen to music with noise canceling headphones, relax on our massage pads or fall asleep while your dental work is being completed!

Additionally, new high-tech anesthetics provide a high degree of comfort:

  • Dr. Wright is the only general dentist in the area licensed for in-office conscious IV sedation.
  • When necessary, he employs Nitrous Oxide (or laughing gas) to help patients relax.
  • Topical or gel anesthetics are always used prior to giving local anesthetics.

Dr. Wright’s patients often comment that they do not feel the placement of anesthetics and now with new medications, it is possible to reverse that ‘numb’ feeling!

Once you leave our office, we want you to continue to be comfortable! This can be obtained in many ways:

  • We want you to address all of your concerns before you leave the office
  • We need you to be a part of your treatment! It is important for you to understand the treatment plan that you and Dr. Wright have decided upon. Understanding the process will help alleviate anxiety and provide you with reasonable expectations.
  • We are accessible! If you have a problem or are experiencing discomfort, we want to hear from you! You are our top priority. Call the office first to determine the proper course of action. We will always get you in the same day. If you call on a day when our office is not open, there are instructions on the answering machine on how to reach Dr. Wright directly. Once you speak with him, you can mutually agree on a time to meet.
  • Dr. Wright provides emergency care, so you won’t have to worry when you’re in need!
  • Comfortable smiles means that your dental work has been done properly and with great attention to detail. Dr. Wright strives for perfection, meaning that you have a higher chance of obtaining the most comfortable smile possible!