Patient Protection

PatientProtectionThere are many ways in which Dr. Wright practices patient protection. Among them are…

Hospital grade sterilization: In our office, your safety is our highest priority! Throughout the day, we continuously and thoroughly sterilize our equipment for your protection.

Before and after every patient appointment, all treatment surfaces (countertops, chairs) are disinfected with the most effective and safest products available. When autoclaving is not possible, disposable barriers are used to cover all light handles, switches and X-ray machines.

To ensure your safety, we follow a number of standard sterilization procedures with all instruments and hand pieces. First, they are brought into our sterilization room and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner to remove even microscopic debris. The instruments and hand pieces are then rinsed thoroughly before being wrapped in hospital grade paper and sterilized in an autoclave, which runs for 20 minutes and reaches temperatures of 250 degrees under pressure. This procedure destroys all bacteria, viruses and spores.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding patient protection and give you a personal tour of our sterilization facility. Feel free to ask!

Digital Radiography: Digital radiographs computerized X-rays.  This reduces the amount of radiation by up to 80% less than with film.  An intra-oral sensor is placed in the mouth to collect an image.  The image can be enlarged, colorized, printed and stored in seconds.