Your First Appointment

  • FirstAppointmentAt your initial visit, we will LISTEN to your concerns and review your medical and dental history We will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums. Our exam also includes a head, neck and TMJ examination, a computerized bite analysis called a T-Scan and an oral cancer screening.  We will determine if any radiographs are necessary, only do what is needed and/or review any current radiographs you have transferred to us.
  • Commonly,  we recommend the second visit be a thorough cleaning (or prophy).  Some patients with advanced gum problems will require a second appointment for this cleanup process.
  • Following the completion of your initial cleaning,  Dr. Wright will explain the results and discuss treatment plan options. Dr. Wright has many tools in his toolbox and will consider every appropriate treatment plan that fits your needs. We want to ensure you understand your options and that they are right for you.