Dentures are a last resort option with Dr. Wright.  The problem is the bone your denture sits on will not be there in the future!  Bone only exists to support teeth;  with no teeth, it will slowly go away!  Ask around:  most denture patients have had to reline their dentures to make them fit better.  Many eventually find that relining fails to help them fit better or stay in.

Dr. Wright’s first suggestion:  AVOID FULL DENTURES!  We believe very few patients need full dentures.  Saving as many teeth as possible is often a better solution.  We have many patients who have been able to keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Dr. Wright’s second suggestion:  Keep some key teeth and use them to support the denture.  This can avoid having to use dental implants.

Dr. Wright’s third suggestion:  Consider dental implants as needed.  Dental implants are often the best option to ensure your dental future.  They can be placed under existing dentures to hold them in place AND they will help preserve the bone.  It would be best to not wait for excessive amounts of bone loss before considering dental implants.

You have a lot of option, however.  Here are a few:




Conventional Dentures

The process Dr. Wright uses for constructing dentures involves a series of appointments which allow the patient to have input in the process.  A trial denture is made that you can take home and have your family or friends offer their thoughts on.  You will be able to practice talking and smiling, after which further changes can be made as you so desire.  Dr. Wright uses only premium teeth and materials and can create a highly natural look for you.   Once completed, a computerized device called a T-Scan is used to balance the bite to maximize chewing efficiency and minimize sore spots.

Implant Retained Dentures

Two or more implants can  be added under an existing denture.  The denture will be modified to add to snap like attachments.  The denture will be tightly held in place but is still removable.


Fully fixed in place / Implant Supported /non-removable Dentures

Multiple dental implants can allow construction of a small set of teeth;  there is no plastic on the palate or minimal extensions of plastic flanges.  These are the closest thing to your original teeth.  Dr. Wright can remove them for maintenance as needed, they will not come out accidently.


Partial Dentures

Partial dentures have connectors to rest on teeth.  They are a common solution to multiple missing teeth.  Studies done in the 1990’s show the average life of a tooth with a partial denture resting on it is 7 years!  We believe a partial denture is a step toward a full mouth of missing teeth.  Fixed in place options like bridges are by far a better solution for the long term and for many people the lost cost over a lifetime.

With that said,  Dr. Wright does make partial dentures that are designed to show the least amount of metal and fit as precisely as possible.  As with other procedures,  Dr. Wright uses the T-Scan to adjust the bite to balance the forces the partial puts on the supporting teeth.