Diagnostic/Preventative Services

DiagnosticDr. Wright’s diagnostic/preventative services include sealants, flouride treatments, regular prophylaxis (cleaning, nothing regular about what we do: commitment to magnification, hygenist of 23 years. if teeth cleaned in less than an hour, they arent clean… look clean, allocate time, leaving anything behind promotes infections), full mouth debridement (or professional cleaning)…

-flouride varnish (a gel that is applied to the surface of the teeth that is hightly effective at repairing teeth and preventing cavities. Easy and economical. effective.

-patient education- explanations what the source of problems are so they know how to combat. many people lack this eductaion

-force analysis (t-scan– analyzing what is going to break before it does– often reveals where future problems will exist such as teeth cracking, bone loss, fractured teeth, worn down teeth, TMJ problesm)