Endodontics (Root canals)

EndodonticsAdvanced root canal therapy is available with Dr. Wright.   Endodontic therapy involves cleaning the inside of the tooth and filling it with materials to keep out bacteria.

Many general dentists don’t do root canal therapy and refer their patients to an endodontist specialist.  From his solid initial training at Loyola UDS and with many hours of continued training, Dr. Wright does 99% of his own root canals.

The American Dental Association decided in 1998 the microscope was so important, it changed their accreditation requirements to mandate endodontic resident training include microscopes.)  Today, the microscope has become the standard of care for endodontists,  (specialists in root canal therapy),  a standard that Dr. Wright adopted in 1997.   All are done under 5x-22x magnification.

Why is this important?  The average success for root canal treatment is 95%.  Most failures involve extra un-located canals or cracks.  Magnification helps locate extra canals and cracks.  Dr. Wright has had great success in saving cracked teeth using microdentistry techniques he has pioneered.

Worried about having root canal therapy?  Don’t be!  There should be no discomfort during this process and most patients report slight tenderness on biting for the next day or so.  A majority of root canals require a single appointment to complete.

Better Yet:  Treat your problems earlier or more conservatively and prevent needing a root canal!