Night Guard

NightGuardGrinding your teeth?  It is common to hear of patients who have appliances to protect their teeth at night.  Dr. Wright believes most “grinders” damage their teeth both daytime and nighttime.  A nighttime appliance is a band aide for the real problem:  Grinding is a very destructive habit that CAN BE TREATED.  Treat the problem and get the grinding to stop.

Other signs of grinding problems include:  headaches, face pain, sore muscles, migraine headaches, popping or clicking joints, joint damage, cracked teeth, bone loss, loose teeth, gum recession, notches on teeth called abfractions, or just really worn and destroyed teeth.

Dr. Wright uses a computerized bite force analysis called a T-Scan.  It commonly shows improper contacting of teeth that, when resolved, may decrease or stop the problem.

Dr. Wright uses a system by TruDenta for treatment of bite, muscle or joint problems.  It is the fusion of sports medicine, physical therapy, and advanced dentistry to resolve these problems.