Oral Surgery

From his roots in rural dentistry,  Dr. Wright has extensive training and experience with various oral surgeries;  the most common of which involves the removal of wisdom teeth.

We are the only general dentist office in the area to offer IV sedation to make this process as comfortable as possible.  Sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry,  conscious sedation is not a general anesthesia.  The patient is able to talk to us but is very groggy and commonly has little memory of the procedure.  It is safer than general anesthesia.  General anesthesia is available through Blessing Hospital if it is necessary.

It is becoming more common to utilize CT scans for wisdom teeth and implant surgeries.  We outsource the CT’s and have the software to view and manipulate the images.

Other common surgeries include other complex extractions, cyst removal, bone grafting including sinus lifts, implant placements, exposing impacted teeth for orthodontic reasons, crown lengthening  and surgical endondontic procedures (done microsurgically).  High magnification is used with all procedures and greatly improves treatment outcomes.

Dr. Wright does 99% of his surgeries himself, however, he knows when it is in the patient’s best interest to refer them to a specialist.