WhatWeDo1Dr. Wright has been providing orthodontic treatment as a general dentist since 1982.  From the simplest to the highly complex,  Dr. Wright has improved hundreds of smiles in patients from 7-90 years old.

We are happy to offer you a complimentary consult to meet us and provide some basic information.  However,  for specific answers, it is necessary to do our homework.  This consists of making impressions (so we can have models of your teeth),  taking two radiographs (a full mouth panogram and a side view of the head called a ceph), and face/teeth photographs.  After the orthodontic records visit,  we meet with you to discuss all of the details:  how long will treatment be, specific options available, braces vs. Invisalign, financial arrangements, etc.

Frequently, the main question is “how much are braces / Invisalign?”  Our full case orthodontic fee is $4,500 plus records

WhatWeDo2Braces and Invisalign are our two most common options.  Each have advantages and disadvantages. Many people ask which is faster — the answer is sometimes braces and sometimes Invisalign.  We would need to complete our exam to help answer this.

Invisalign – a series of computer generated clear trays.  Every two weeks, change to the next one.

They need to be worn 20-24 hrs. daily!   This is your first decision:  will the patient follow through with this wearing schedule?  If not, consider braces!


Braces – we offer both the traditional steel braces and the less noticeable white/ceramic brackets.