Gum Disease or Periodontal disease is an infection of the area surrounding a tooth.  It leads to bone loss, tooth loosening and eventually tooth loss.



Easy steps we follow to treat Gum Disease:

Step One:     A comprehensive exam and cleaning under magnification:  the best dental cleaning you have ever had!  We sometimes need more than one visit for this!

Step Two:     Understand the disease and what you need to do for regular home care.  Our staff will ensure you know how to fight the problem.

Step Three:  Force analysis:  computerized bite force analysis called a T-Scan often shows excessive force on select teeth.  Overloading teeth can create  bone loss.

Step Four:    Professional care as needed.  A vast majority of our patients will find this step unnecessary.


Other options used include:

Biological testing where samples are taken, sent to lab and get a report of pathogents (bad bacteria) used for antibiotic selection

Changing the environment to grow friendly bacteria and discourage bad bacteria.  We have several options in this category.