Teeth Cleaning

TeethCleaning-some people do require their cleaning to be done in with follow-up cleanings. full mouth debridement– get off 95% of crud, then patient works on it, then a fix up to get what was missed.

-Some people need a little more extensive clean-up process.

You’ll love the way your smile feels after a thorough teeth cleaning from our trained professionals. We use the latest in ultrasonic technology so your teeth feel squeaky clean for days after. We will show you how to maintain your smile with brushing and flossing at home.

If it has been awhile since your last professional teeth cleaning you may need a deep cleaning (also referred to as a scaling and root planing). This procedure is done under local numbing medicine and may be completed over two visits. We numb your gums to make the procedure more comfortable as we will need to clean beneath your gums. A deep cleaning will help restore health to your teeth and gums.