Teeth Whitening

We offer two economical ways to get a bright set of pearly whites.

BLEACHING– THERE IS NO MYSTERY TO BLEACHING– IT’S TIME AND STRENGTH. The more and longer you bleach, the stronger and fresher the product, the better. HEAT NOT LIGHT IS EFFECTIVE –proprietary process for a great result.

TeethWhiteningIn-Office Whitening

You can achieve a brighter smile in one short visit! The process is very easy and straightforward. Your appointment will involve a few simple steps including protection of your gums from the bleaching gel and the bleaching application. It’s good to have a free consultation with one of our doctors before you complete a laser whitening to make sure you get ideal results! Call us to ask about more details and pricing for Chicago teeth whitening.

-tried lots of different versions of in-office teeth whitening. Dr. Wright has tried all products– need fresh product, time and strongest product– we continue to seek the finest whitening techniques available.

Take Home Whitening

A popular option for many of our patients, take home whitening is safe, easy and simple to complete comfortably at home. We make custom trays from molds of your teeth to maximize the usability of our take home whitening gel. Call us to ask about more details and pricing.

A more common way of whitening is utilizing Invisalign trays. Otherwise we make custom made trays to be loaded with properly stored (refrigerated bleaching gel) repeated as frequently as you like. Risk of bleaching is sensitivity– however, there are many strengths of bleaching gel for optimal comfort.