Our Story

OurStory2Smiles are life changers. A great smile radiates confidence and opens doors. For over thirty years, Dr. Wright has changed lives through smile design and reconstruction.

There are many ways to achieve the smile of a lifetime. Some may desire a straight, white smile, while others may be primarily focused on alleviating pain. Whatever your reason for dental attention, Dr. Wright can help. He provides a vast array of techniques and employs the latest in dental technology. He strives to provide the best dental care for you and the entire family.

A primary goal in our office is to provide Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID). This philosophy aims to help you practice healthy habits and preventative dental health. Just as a healthy diet and exercise have a positive impact on your bodily health, there are many simple steps patients can take to severely decrease invasive procedures in the future. Dr. Wright is among 3% of dentists in the United States who use microscopes during all procedures. This means that he can see problems 40x’s better than the human eye. This allows him to fix many problems while they are still minor, saving you from the troubles of more expensive and timely procedures in the future.

OurStory3We believe that the best value in dental care is longevity. Longevity of work is determined by the quality of care provided. The quality of care we provide is determined by what we see, so remember detail matters!

Finally, it is important for you to know that we are a practice based on integrity. We will never provide you with unnecessary treatment. After your consultation, we will guide you through the treatment options that are available to you. We will provide you with the cost of these procedures, as well as what to expect. It is important to us that our our patients have a comprehensive understanding of the way we work before we begin.

From your first phone call to the “big reveal” of a new smile, our goal is excellence. We care about each of our patients and appreciate their individual personalities and concerns. We are eager to listen to your problems and help you fix them. Let Dr. Wright help you keep your teeth for life and achieve the smile you want and deserve!