Why We’re Different


Microdentistry is a form of dentistry where surgical-grade microscopes are employed during all procedures, allowing the doctor to see bacteria undetected by the human eye. Microdentistry is practiced by less than 3% of dentists in the world.  Dr. Wright has been among the pioneers in this field, using microscopes since 1997.

While most dentists spend most of their time REPLACING existing dental work, microdentistry allows Dr. Wright to focus on preventative care.


Every time a tooth is worked on, it loses strength and structure. In traditional dentistry, this often leads to root canal therapy and/or crowns. However, with the use of microscopes in combination with other technologies, Dr. Wright is able to maintain more of the tooth structure. The more conservatively a tooth is prepared during a procedure, the greater the chance of avoiding more costly treatments in the future!

Microdentistry in relation to fillings: Dr. Wright finds and repairs cracks in teeth on about 90% of all fillings being repaired. Untreated, these cracks become larger, eventually breaking the tooth and making a crown necessary. With microdentistry, crown prevention is a possibility!


Microdentistry in relation to crowns: It’s never to late to practice preventative care! Even if you require a crown, microdentistry can ensure it’s longevity. Often we find cracks that extend beyond the edge of a crown allowing bacteria to get under it. Microdentistry discovers these cracks and dictates how to proceed. When these cracks are found, the crowns are extended down far enough to seal them, ensuring proper longevity of the crown.

Microdentistry in relation to sealants: Research has shown 50% of all sealants fail in one year;  80% fail in 5 years. The attention to detail afforded by the microscope in combination with air abrasion (a miniature sandblaster- see our ‘technology’ page for more information), is giving Dr. Wright a near 100% success rate at the 5 year mark. The difference is significant!

Virtually everything in our office is done with magnification, from cleanings to root canals and surgeries. The sooner you see a problem, the quicker you can resolve it! Finding and treating cracks early will help you keep your teeth longer. Schedule your free consultation for more information on microdentistry.


We believe that good decisions begin with good information. That belief has a positive impact on our patients and staff alike.

Our strong commitment to patient education helps us provide the best possible results for your dental treatment.

Our staffs commitment to continued education means that your care is provided with the understanding of the latest in dental practices and techniques.


Bring your whole family to Dr. Wright. He has been trained in a vast array of techniques and procedures appropriate for people of all ages. He provides the most comprehensive services in the area. Please see our ‘Services’ page for more information.


Dr. Wright has been providing premier dental treatment in the Quincy area for over thirty years. This manifests itself in many ways.

In addition to providing patients with years of quality care he also lectures on the importance of microdentistry. Please visit the ‘Lectures” page for more information on Dr. Wright’s teaching.


Dr. Wright spends time visualizing your new smile and examining your mouth upclose. Photodocumentation is an important part of the process, allowing you to see where your smile starts, where it is going and what you have achieved at the end of your treatment.